There are several differences between 2G Services and 3G Services, here is a list of some of them:

  1. Costing: The fees for 3G network is so much higher than 2G. Also ,3G networks construction and maintenance are much expensive than 2G networks. From the customers point of view the funds of 3G network will be greater and higher if they use more 3G applications.
  2. Data Transmitting: this is the main difference between 2G and 3G services. It is seen by the mobile users who download data and surf the Internet by smart mobile phones. The download speed is much higher in 3G. 3G also has faster access to the data and internet applications. 2G networks, for sure, has less compatibility with the functions of smart phones. The speed of the data transmitting in 2G network is 50,000 bits per sec or less. 3G data transmitting on the other hand can be 4 million bits per sec or more than that.
  3. Functions and activities: The main function of 3G technologies is data transferring with video conferencing, MMS etc. 2G main function is the transmission of information by voice signals.
  4. Features: There are a lot of features for 3G services like mobile TV, GPS system and video broadcasting. Those features are not available in 2G.
  5. Frequency: 2G uses range of frequencies in upper and lower bands, and that is depending on some conditions like weather. 3G on the other hand ,is not available in some places.
  6. Implication: 3G offers some high levels of security. 2G technology is using less levels of security, because 3G networks use validation procedures when it starts communicating with other devices.
  7. Calling: There is no difference between making calls with 2G or 3G, except that in 3G we can also make video calls. The data speed in 2G is very slow comparing with 3G.
  8. Speed: 2G downloading speed is up to 236 Kb per second. 3G downloading speed is up to 21 Mb per second.


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Note: This is an old article I wrote back in 2014