Hi, I’m Ahmet Yusuf

I'm a Web developer / designer, and I love to talk about web design and development.

Started as a graphic designer; Provided design services to clients such as print posters, book covers, brochures and logos using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Also made some animation projects.

After That I worked as a web developer; Created web apps in various programming languages. Developed, maintained, Troubleshooted and resolved issues in pre-existed websites. Also developed some mobile applications.

I finished my Master's degree in electrical and computer engineering, and I would love to continue my studies one day and get my Phd!

I think it's important that a web developer know the basics of design. It's good to have the power to do what's necessary to keep the work going!

The main reason of this website is so I can share some articles, tutorials, code snippets and ideas with my fellow developers, contribute to this amazing community and give something back!